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The Red Cat and The Harrison Gift Certificates

We're serving more great news to your tables this holiday season. Experience the fine art of giving in the holiday spirit and share the love with your friends and family. Give the gift of a Red Cat or Harrison Gift Certificate and high spirits are guaranteed. Download the order form today!

Red Cat Restaurants now offers Gift Certificates, the perfect gift for co-workers, friends and family. Gift Certificates can be purchased for any denomination and are available for purchase at The Red Cat or The Harrison by downloading the Gift Certificate form. Gift Certificate orders are processed during normal business hours (Monday through Friday). To expedite your purchase during evening hours, weekends or to confirm we have received your request, please call 212.242.1122 for The Red Cat or 212.274.9310 for The Harrison.

The Red Cat and The Harrison Gift Certificates
The Madness of Art
Soft Shells
Cheese Fondue
Cage-Free Eggs
Txakolina Rose
Dry Fly Distilling
Charities We Love
Villa Cappelli
Peach Melba and Its Lustrous History
Water of Life
Salt - Worth its weight in gold
Paprika - The Noble Prize Winning Spice
Blitzing Bluefish - The Mouth That Swims
Wine of the Bean
Amanda On The Air!
Honey and the Bees Who Make It
In Defense of Tomatoes
A Brief History of the Oyster
Beyond The Oink
(The Life of a Pig)

House Proud
Striped Bass

You can purchase our gift cards online and share the love with your friends and family.

Accepted in all our restaurants.